-Wedding photography is my passion-

I got my first camera when I was 8 years old and have been a wedding photographer for 14 years.  I am a Colorado Kid (AKA - native) and I love all that our wonderful state's terrain and weather have to offer. I spend a lot of time on my bike and you can see my selfies (#BicycleFace) from when I go out for a pedal on Facebook. I'm extra happy about a nice wine (particularly from Peju). My children and family, my friends and the power of humanity are all things which draw my energy and attention - photographing people is a special experience! 

Style can be described in a variety of ways: "photojournalism" or "traditional" or "contemporary." I appreciate those descriptions, but I feel they are tactics and not "STYLE"... My style is a blend of many genres and influences.My work is cinematic, curious, conversational, essential, sometimes rule-breaking, intimate and chill. I call my style "Interpersonal Photography" where the time we spend together becomes a conversation between me, you and the camera.

Photographing a wedding is more than pushing a button- it is capturing a conversation, a special moment, recording the mood and who did what crazy thing. My experience helps me to notice the big moments and capture the fine details. We use photographs to tell tales, remember places and people and capture emotion. As your photographer, I'm on your side, working as a team we can capture the moments and help the memories last a life-time. Let me help you with your photographic memory.

What is one of the first things people want to see from a wedding - the pictures!  I want you to love  and be excited to show off the images of your day. I want you to tell your family and friends and co workers and neighbors and strangers on the street about how you had this great experience and have spectacular images to show.

Your wedding is a joyful experience, and the photography should reflect that. I am honored and incredibly curious about the people I photograph. 


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