and how do I TELL YOUR STORY?


I use the camera in much the same way a writer might use a pen or a keyboard.  My goal is to weave a story, a narrative, an arc that shows the very best of you. I strive to make our interactions an exploration of the things you want to show me about who you are.  Wedding photography in particular is a time when "telling the story" is so much more than pushing a button. 

K & J PensiveK & J PensiveThe moment before everything starts is so full of such wonderful anticipation, K took a big, deep breath, gathered her thoughts, took stock of her feelings, family and all that had lead to this moment and then stepped through the door.

The level of technology available today makes photography so much more accessible than it was when I started making images at 8 years old.  In fact, just about anyone can get a decent image from the equipment that is available to day.  The images I make of you will be more than the result of someone pushing a button.  I will be as unobtrusive as possible and I want to capture images that show you enjoying yourself.  In fact some of the feedback I've gotten from folks is that they didn't realize I was there after a while; but when they needed me I was easy to find.

K & J 1st DanceK & J 1st DanceThe first dance is always a great moment, and in particular that moment when the rest of the guests disappear and the couple really get to have a moment together. For this moment, it was a look she gave, that brought everything together.

I want to capture images of you enjoying your moments, I want the images to say something special and unique about you; not just a record of where things happened and who was there. I want capture "what did it feel like" and "how did the air smell" and  "how did the cake taste" and to help everyone remember "why that joke was so funny!"  I like capturing faces and expressions when I photograph, and I tend to look for those moments. I am influenced by cinema, theatre, Gordon Parks, Yervant, Dennis Reggie, Jazz, Sci-Fi, existentialism and great television.  I'm looking for eyes. 

I would LOVE to be your photographer.

K & J CouplesK & J CouplesJ decided to sneak a peak, the look on K's face says it all.